Brazil Language To English Translation

Brazil language to English translation is the same to say: Portuguese Brasilian translated to English.
That’s because Brazilian language is Portuguese.

Here are some Portuguese sayings for your funny spirit while learn speaking portuguese.

Translation to English is made word by word – verbatim. May be sentences have some sense in English. May be not. May be gorgeous or outrageous or something else.

Just practice, learn and laugh with all teeth and jaws if applicable.

Have fun. Learn Portuguese Brazilian with easy.

Burro velho nao aprende linguas.

Burro velho nao aprende linguas

Old – Velho. | Donkey – Burro. | Doesn’t. – Não. | Learn – Aprende. | Languages – Línguas.

Burro velho não aprende línguas. | Old donkey does not learn languages.
Note: Línguas is the plural of língua. Depending on the context this word can be translated to English by: Languages or Tongues.
Usually someone becoming old apply this saying referring to himself / herself, when he / she doesn’t want learn some new matter, whatever it is.
Normally, in Portuguese the adjective goes after the noun, i.e. Instead – Old donkey (Velho Burro) – we speak – Donkey old (Burro velho).

Com papas e bolos enganam-se os tolos.

Com papas e bolos se engana os tolosWith – Com. | Porridges – Papas. | And – E. | Cakes – Bolos. | One cheat – Se engana. | The – Os. | Tolos – Fools.

Com papas e bolos se engana os tolos. » With porridges and cakes, one cheat the fools. » Naive people or someone with  limited knowledge, they are easy to cheat.

Pode fazer uma atencao no precoCan you make an attention to the price?Can – Pode. | You – Você or Tu. | Make – Fazer. | An – Uma. | Attention – Atenção. | To the – No. | Price – Preço.

Pode fazer uma atenção no preço? » Can you make an attention to the price? » 
It’s very common to request discount when one buy at the store.

Fia-te na virgem e nao corras. take ation do not trust in virgen

Believe – “Fia-te”. | On the – Na. | Virgin – Virgem. | And – E. | Don’t – Não. | Run – Corras.

Fia-te na virgem e não corras,…! » Believe on the virgin and don’t run,…!
This saying is for those that only pray a lot and don’t do anything to prevent or resolve the problems of ones life.

Não se pode agradar a gregos e a troianos. Impossible be pleasent with greeks and trojans

One cannot – Não se pode. | Please – Agradar. | Greeks – Gregos. | And – E. | Trojans – Troianos.

 Não se pode agradar a gregos e a troianos. | One cannot please Greeks and Trojans. 
It refers to the difficulty of pleasing people with different interests.

Estou feito ao bife

Feito ao bife
I’m – (Eu) estou. | Done – Feito. | To the – Ao. | Steak – Bife. Estou feito ao bife. » I’m done to the steak.»
When Portuguese people are in trouble or in a complicated situation, this is what they say!

Que se lixe esta merda

Sand this shit
Que se lixe esta merda! » Sand this shit! »  Doesn’t need translation. 🙂
Que – That | Se – If | Sand – Lixe. | This – Esta. | Shit – Merda.Note:Sometimes, some words are not translated, in order to avoid confusion on the sense of phrases.All this Portuguese sayings are spoken in Brazilian Portuguese female voice.Brazilian Portuguese to English translation was made literaly.

Phrases may have sense in English or may haven’t at all.

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