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Enjoy and learn portuguese with portuguese sayings!

May be the best way to learn portuguese, practicing  funny portuguese sayings audio lessons.

This page shows portuguese sayings literally translated to English.

Phrases may or may not make any sense. It’s just for giggles, laughts, LOL & Company.

Male and female audio files voices.

European and Brazilian Portuguese accent when relevant for better accuracy.

Play, listen and repeat  audio mp3 files. Have fun and learn speak Portuguese.

…, we are waiting for you.

É preciso ter lata!
e preciso ter lata
It’s need to have plate (metal sheet)! We say this phrase from or to someone who act with total impudance, effrontery and or shamelessness.
Para inglês ver!
para ingles ver
For the English see! When someone is acting only for pretending.
Tirar o cavalinho da chuva!
Tirar cavalinho da chuva
Take the litlle horse out of the rain! No way! Isn’t for you. Forget it.»» Best way to learn portuguese ««
Mau Maria! Mau Maria!
Mau maria
Bad Mary! Bad Mary! Phrase Portuguese male tend to exclaim when becaming mad about something a female has done or is in imminence to do.
Nem a metade vai a missa,…
Nem a metade vai a missa
Nor the half goes the preaching,… This is used when someone is gossiping and the gossip just gets better as it unfolds.
Estás aqui, estás a comer.
Estas aqui estas a comer
You are here, you are eating. This sentence is used to threat or advice other people or animals. If you hear this, you should get away as quickly as you can! Just in case.
Primeiro estranha-se. Depois entranha-se.
(European and Brazilian audio accent)
Primeiro estranha depois entranha
First, one’s strange it. After one’s entrench it. Very strange when we try something completely new and (sometimes) then you embrace it and like it! – By Fernando Pessoa – Famous Portuguese poet, writer, philosopher (Born – 1888 Dead – 1935)
É boa como milho!
Boa como milho
She’s good as maize! Tipical phrase used only by men when want tell that Jane Doe is very beautiful.
(European and Brazilian Portuguese audio pronounce)
Vai vergar a mola!
Vai vergar a mola
Go bend the spring! Saying to someone, it’s better he / she get a job or go for a work.
(European and Brazilian Portuguese audio pronounce. Optimize the best way to learn portuguese )
Estou-me borrifando.
Estou me borrifando
I’m sprinkling. Not one bit worried.
(European and Brazilian Portuguese audio pronounce).
Armado em carapau de corrida.
Armado carapau corrida
Armed in a racing mackerel. This sentence is used when somebody is acting beyond his / her possibilities.
Queres levar na tromba?
Queres levar na tromba
Do you want to take on the trunk? Threatening sentence . When this portuguese phrase is used directly tou you,…   should get back.

Learning  brazilian and european with translation from portuguese to english. 

Playing portuguese audio sayings. 

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