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Hi!  My name’s John Santos, editor of this Free Portuguese Online Course.

If you ever wondered:

How to speak Portuguese?
How to learn alone at home?
How to say words in Portuguese?
How to learn Portuguese online for free?
How to speak portuguese phrases?

Or any other question about Portuguese language.

You’ve found the right site. Just go with me.

Suppose someone borned in a portuguese speaking country.

How does he or she begin learn speaking?

Well, the same way as someone borned in a English speaking country. Is that ok? rainy

Probably the first word all children say in Portuguese is mamã (mammy), the second I suppose is papá (pappy).

And there you go. May be they have a sister Maria (Mary) and a brother João (John).

Three secrets to learn a foreign language.
 First practice.   Second pratice and finally the third is,… practice. angry

Let´s start. Listen this audio and repeat until perfection or close.

Mamã. Papá. Maria. João.
First Portuguese audio lesson online.

What about your first for words in Portuguese? Very easy, I’m sure.

Very useful tip: In Portuguese some words have diacritical marks over a letter.

It means that’s the strong syllable. Just spell the word. That’s easy.

There are for (4) kind of diacritical marks:

1º) Acute accent. Exemples:

Água (water). Pé (foot). Química (chemistry). Ótimo (optimum). Público (public).
First words in portuguese

2º) Grave accent. Is beeing dismissed. Just in case, has the pronounce as the acute accent.

3º) Circumflex accent. Is very rare and is beeing dismissed. Appears only over the “e” and “o” vowels.

It has always the same pronounce on the same vowel.

More used in Brazil pronounce.

Audio exemples of words in portuguese containing a circumflex accent:

(Portuguese Brasilian) audio.

Fêmea (Female).Cômodo (Commodus).
First words in portuguese

4º) Tilde accent. Very often. It’s written over the “a”,  and “o” vowels. This pronounce doesn’t exist in English.
We’ve refered one above in this page – Word:  João(John).

Easily you became a master on this pronounce as you  increase your portuguese vocabulary.

Let´s pratice the pronounciation of portuguese words having a tilde accent.

Listen the audio and repeat. cry 

Não (No, not, n’t). Mãe(Mother). Coração(Heart). Corações(Hearts).
Third portuguese lesson online free

I hope you’ve gotten excited with my first lesson of this Portuguese Online Course.

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