How do you say hi in Portuguese

How do you say hi in portuguese The “ABC” of greetings, how do you say “HI” in Portuguese?

In English we greet with “hi” for friends and “hello” in formal situations.

In Portuguese, there’s no diference. They  always  speak  the some word to anyone in formal or informal situation.

The word to say for “Hi” and “Hello” is  “Olá“.

Only for your friends in Brazil you also can say “Oi” – “What’s up“.

In Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries  use “olá” for everybody and any occasion.

Useful – Portuguese Speaking Countries:

– Brazilian Portuguese only in Brazil (close 200 million).

– European Portuguese: Portugal, Madeira, Azores, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe islands, Guiné Bissau,  Angola, Mozambique and Timor Lorossae. All together close to 60 million.

Now let’s play the audio file and learn how to say “hi”, Hello” and “What’s up” in Portuguese Brazilan and European.

Portuguese Brazilian
Olá! (Hello!, Hi!) – Oi! (What’s up)Olá Oi
Portuguese European
Olá! (Hi!, Hello!, What’s up!)Olá
Portuguese European
– Very formal case.
– Olá! Como está o Senhor?
– Olá! Como está a senhora?Olá portuguese european very formal

Just for curiosity and in a very rare formal situation, in Portugal they use to say for a man:
– Olá! Como está o senhor? Literal translation – Hello! How is the Mister?
For a lady /madam:
– Olá! Como está a senhora? Literal translation – Hello! How is the Madam?

As foreign, you better forget about this formality.

– Other usual greetings and questions in European and Brazilian pronounce with translation and audio speaking.

– More how do i say day-to-day questions audio speaking.



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