what language is spoken in brazil

What language does Brazil speak is the question.

What language does Brazil speak
And the quickly answer is: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.

Is there another language spoken in Brazil?
Officially there’s no another language name spoken, but:

– The population of Brazil is almost 200.000.000 inhabitants on 2014.

– When Brazil was occupied by Portuguese – year 1500 – there was a lot of dialects spoken by local native population composed by numerous Indian tribes.

– As usual in this cases words mixes between the native languages and the  European Portuguese occurred naturally as usual.

– Although the official language of Brazil is Portuguese of Portugal , many words have been adapted to the local dialects and others that do not exist in European Portuguese.

Brazil is a very big country. Depending where you are, local expressions may occur. In our lessons, we only teach words and phases understandable all  over the country.

Also the pronunciation of words and the construction of sentences has been influenced with the passage of time especially by American English pronunciation.

However the Portuguese of Brazil is perfectly understood in Portugal.

Soap operas produced in Brazil and exported to Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries, allow better understanding and assimilation of the typical Portuguese vocabulary of Brazil.

The European Portuguese , is not so easily understood in Brazil , mainly due to the pronunciation of words.

European Portuguese closes the sound of the vowels. That is the main reason for the Brazilians found initial difficulty for understanding.

Similar case occurs with the English of U.S. and the English of England.

For those who want learn the basics of Portuguese language, we suggest learning with the accent of Brazil.

As already mentioned , it is fully understood by European Portuguese people.

Also other Portuguese speaking countries such as Angola, Mozambique , Guinea Bissau , Cape Verde Islands , Sao Tome and Principe , Madeira and Azores reasonably understand the Portuguese of Brazil.

Then for concluding. The name of Brazil language or which language is used in Brazil the answer is: » Portuguese.

Having that fact in consideration, our Portuguese lessons for English speakers in CofrinhoCheio.Com are focused in Brazilian accent. In some rare cases European Portuguese has also audio play.

Be happy and funny portuguese Brazilian learning.


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